Best 7 Bulgaria Spa Resorts

I love the mineral water spa. I’m the kind of person who always searches spa resorts to visit in a country where we are planning to visit. When we decided to live in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2018, I didn’t know that there is plenty of mineral water spa in Bulgaria.

I was happy by the fact that those Bulgaria spa resorts use thermal hot springs in their wellness and spa facilities. Furthermore, You don’t always need to stay in luxury hotels to experience and benefit from these hot springs in Bulgaria.

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Many spa resorts have a public bath, which you can visit with a small fee. Also, Most luxury stars hotels allow outside guests to enter their facilities when there are not so many staying guests to guarantee the comfort and enjoyable experience to every guest and with an entrance fee.

I have the ambition to visit and see every hot spring in Bulgaria and to try all Bulgaria spa resorts, whether it would be staying in no stars hotels and enjoying public baths, big resorts, or just a boutique hotel.

We have visited 9 Bulgaria Spa resorts in 7 cities so far. I would share my experiences in those seven cities with you.

For the best deals, lowest prices guarantee and last minutes booking, I suggest you contact the hotel directly. I noticed that sometimes there were no rooms available via third party booking websites, but you could still book from those spa hotels.

I hope that this post helps you to decide where to go for experiencing hot spring. For in-depth reviews for every thermal spa resort, check my other articles.

What can you expect from this article ...

1. Introducing Bulgarian Spa Resorts

A few months living as an ex-pat in Sofia, I have visited some historical heritage sites of the country. I realized that the mineral water spa in Bulgaria had been used in the Roman baths from the I-IV century AC.

The number of mineral waters in Bulgaria is distinctly superior comparing to other countries. There are more than 200 mineral cold and hot spring sources spreading from northern to southern parts of the country. Up to now, some of the mineral water sources are suitable for medical tourism, recreational bathing & washing. Wherever and whenever you plan to come to Bulgaria to spend any holiday season, whether it’s in the mountains or near the beaches. You can enjoy hot springs in almost all Bulgaria spa resorts. There are a lot of public baths, Spa & Balneology resorts around the country.

My husband and I have been living in Sofia as an ex-pat from autumn 2018. In meanwhile, We have visited 7 cities around Bulgaria for one purpose: Enjoying mineral spa water in Bulgaria Spa resorts.

Here are eight Bulgaria Spa resorts with mineral water spa that we have tried and are true favorites, in no particular order:


  • I gathered all contact information of those Bulgaria Spa resorts (address, phone, website/social media, and working hours) from their websites or other social media. I can’t 100% guarantee you that all information is still up to date)
  • I have also contacted hotels/public bath receptions to fill some extra information to be able to give you the most updated information.

1.1 Velingrad Spa


I could say that Velingrad is absolutely one of the most developed Bulgaria Spa resorts. We have visited Velingrad 4 times since December 2019. We only stayed in the hotel Royal Spa Velingrad and enjoyed all the SPA facilities of Victoria Spa. The facilities are complete and clean. The spa complex has 7 outdoor mineral water pools/jacuzzi and 6 indoor. Moreover, there are all kinds of sauna, relaxation rooms, and other services.

Read my review of the Royalspa hotel in Velingrad.

Estimate cost per visit: If you are a hotel-guest, these facilities are including in the rate of your room. If you are a non-guest, it would cost you 35 BGN (18 EUR) to use all the spa facilities, all saunas, steam baths, and swimming pools. The massages and other treatments are at a special price.

We mostly booked the room directly from the hotel Royal Spa Velingrad, Bulgaria a few days or weeks in advance. The rate was always including breakfast.

Hotel royal spa Velingrad
Address: ul. “Tsar Samuil” 3, 4600 кв. Лъджене (Ludene Square), Velingrad Bulgaria.
Tel.: 359 878 423 517

Working hours:
Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 to 20:00
Friday and Saturday from 08:00 to 21:00


1.2 Sofia Spa


I vote Korali swimming pool in Pancharevo and Sanatarium Zdrave in Bankya as one of the best 7 Bulgaria spa resorts. One of the reasons is the location of both thermal pools. Pancharevo and Bankya are near Sofia (about 30 minutes journey). It is convenient and cheap to reach the place by bus or taxi.

You might question why I can’t just go to any Sofia spa hotel. Unfortunately, I can’t find a spa hotel in Sofia, which uses hot springs for their pools and jacuzzi.

Read my review of Pool & Spa complex „Korali.“ in Pancharevo and Sanatorium zdrave in Bankya for more information.

Estimate cost per visit :

  • The entrance fee for the swimming pool Korali is 13 BGN (6.7 EUR). If you have a multisport card, you can use it only during weekdays. There are also aromatherapy, hydromassage, hot tubs, sauna, and other facilities/treatments available. Book in advance to make sure of the availability of the service.
  • The entrance fee for the Swimming pool and steam bath in Sanatorium Zdrave is 15 BGN (7.6 EUR). If you have a multisport card or a SODEXO Sports Pass, you can choose to use one activity (swimming pool or steam bath) during weekdays.

Pool & Spa complex „Korali. “
Address: 3A Samokovsko shose Street, Pancharevo
Tel.: +359 885 68 53 54
Working hours: Every day from 09:00 to 19:00

Sanatorium Zdrave
Address: 15 G.S. Rakovski Street., 1320 Bankya
Tel.: +3592 997 72 31; +3592 997 73 83; +359 898 65 03 40

1.3 Hisarya: Bulgaria Spa Surrounded By Ancient Roman Ruins


Hisarya is another famous Bulgaria Spa resort among locals. The city has about 16 natural mineral springs and 6 drilled mineral water wells. Hisarya has a mild and pleasant climate. A Thracian settlement was already established in the region from the 4th – 3rd centuries BC.

There are plenty of hotels in Hisarya which offer mineral water spa. We didn’t sleep in any of the hotels, but we did try a spa complex of Augusta spa hotel.


Estimate cost per visit: We visited the spa center of the Agusta Spa hotel in Hisarya to experience the mineral water spa. If you are a hotel-guest, these facilities are including in the rate of your room. If you are a non-guest, it would cost you 25 BGN (18 EUR) to use the Sauna & Swimming pool (indoor and outdoor).

Agusta Spa hotel
Address: 3, Gurko Blvd., 4180 Hisarya
Tel.: +359 33760570
Working hours: Every day from 09:00 to 20:00

1.4 Kyustendil Spa Resort


Kyustendil is situated 90 km southwest of Sofia and near the borders of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia. We stayed and enjoyed our stay at the Strimon Garden SPA Hotel, Kyustendil. Strimon hotel is the best hotel with the most developed thermal spa facilities in this part of Bulgaria spa resorts.


Estimate cost per visit: When we visited Kyustendil, we stayed in Strimon Garden Spa Hotel. We could enjoy the facilities as many times as we wanted during our stay. If you are a non-guest, it would cost you 40 BGN (20.5 EUR) to use all wellness and spa facilities.

Strimon Garden SPA Hotel
Address: “Tsar Simeon I” 24 Str., 2500, Kyustendil
Tel.: +359 78 559 003; +359 879 35 36 06
Working hours: Every day from 08:00 to 20:00

1.5 Sandanski Spa and Wine

Image courtesy of Interhotel Sandanski

We combined our mineral water spa’s trip to Sandanski with visiting Melnik, which the smallest town in Bulgaria. Melnik is famous for producing good quality wine. We like the friendly atmosphere of the city and the clean air in the city.

We stayed in Interhotel Sandanski and enjoyed their wellness facilities. Sandanski hotel and spa has three mineral water swimming pools.


Estimate cost per visit: We enjoyed the spa facilities of Interhotel Sandanski as hotel guests. If you are a non-guest, it would cost you 40 BGN (20.5 EUR) to use all wellness and spa facilities.

Interhotel – Sandanski
Address: Park area, Yane Sandanski street, 2800 Sandanski
Tel.: +359 746 311 62; +359 746 311 65
Working hours: Every day from 08:00 to 20:00

1.6 Hot Springs Bansko


Alpha SPA and Pool Complex is the largest spa complex in Dobrinisthe (about 5km from Bansko) featuring a large outdoor pool and a small swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa and fitness center, outdoor playground, restaurant, and cafe.


Estimate cost per visit: The entrance fee for Alpha Spa & Pool in Dobrinishte is 10 BGN (5.1 EUR).

Alpha Spa & Pool
Address: 1 Desilitsa street, 2777 Dobrinishte
Tel.: +359 87 750 0777
Working hours:

  • Monday – Thursday from 09:00–21:00
    Friday – Saturday from 09:00–21:30
    Sunday from 09:00–20:00


1.7 Sapareva Banya Spa After Seven Rila Lakes


We stayed a few hours in the aqua club “kotvata” in Sapareva Banya after hiking in the seven Rila lakes. We bought tickets to have access to indoor and outdoor mineral water spa and other spa facilities (the aroma sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, aqua relax, relax area with warm beds, ice-cold bath, or bathtubs for feet).


Estimate cost per visit: The entrance fees for Aquaclub “Kotvata” are varied, depending on the facilities you want to use and whether your appointment on weekdays or weekends. The maximum cost for the SPA center, indoor and outdoor pools, is 45 BGN (23 EUR).

Aquaclub “Kotvata”
Address: 38A Germanea street, Sapareva banya
Tel. +359889 680 682 (outdoor pools) & +359889 642 727 (SPA Center and indoor pool)

Working hours:

  • Тhe SPA center, the bathtubs and the indoor pool from 7:30 AM – 9:30 PM
    The outdoor pools are open Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM and Friday and Saturday from 9:00 AM- 9:00 PM

I found that It was difficult to find complete information about Bulgaria spa resorts online. There are not many English websites available with details information such as entrance fees, benefits of mineral water in each spa resorts, facilities of the spa hotel, or public bath in Bulgaria. That’s why I write this post to you.

2. The Best Way To Go To Those Bulgaria Spa Resorts

We often went to a spa resort from Sofia as we live in Sofia. I could only give you the information about how to go to those spa resorts from Sofia.

I will update this post regularly if I can share more information. Also, you can post questions in the comments about this post. It is not always easy to find information in English, and I speak somewhat Bulgarian, so I might be able to help you.

In general, you can go to most of these places with public transportation. The public transportation in Bulgaria is inexpensive, and the timetable is quite reliable.

If you want to travel with different means of transportation, read my extensive in-depth explanation of how to go anywhere in Bulgaria.

2.1 How to travel to Velingrad from Sofia

Velingrad is easy to reach by bus from Sofia. Busses depart from the “Yug” bus station called (Автогара “Юг”). The price for one way ticket to this Spa Capital city of Balkan is 12BGN (or around 6,2€) per person. The bus journey is approximately 2 hours.

2.2 How to travel to Pancharevo and Bankya from Sofia

Pancharevo (Korali): Bus number 1 & 3. I can’t tell you which bus you can take as I don’t know where you need to take the bus. I normally use the mobile app, “Moovit.” I use it to get around the city. One way ticket 1,6 BGN (0,8 EUR).

Bankya: By Metro & bus: First, take Metro and travel to Slivinitsa. If you go outside the metro, there is a bus station to Bankya (bus no. 47, 48, 49). You can buy a day ticket for 4 BGN (2 EUR) to travel with buses, trolley busses, metro, and tram.

2.3 How to travel to Hisarya  from Sofia

The fast and smart way to go to Hisarya with public transportation is to combine your visit with Plovdiv. If you have no time to visit Plovdiv and still want to visit Hisarya, then traveling by car is the best option.

2.4 How to travel to Kyustendil from Sofia

The bus departs to Kyustendil from Sofia bus station Serdika (next to Central Bus Station and Central Railway Station) and the “West” bus station (“ovcha kupel”). The one-way ticket would cost you 6.3 BGN (3.2 EUR). The busses are leaving almost every hour. The journey takes around two hours. Check out the timetable on the webpage of the bus station and make sure from which station the bus will leave.

2.5 How to travel to Sandanski from Sofia

The bus departs to Sandanski from the central bus station. The one-way ticket would cost you 12 BGN (6.2 EUR). The busses are leaving almost every hour, from 13.00 to 18.00. The journey takes around two hours and 45 minutes. Check out the timetable on the webpage of the bus station for the most recent and correct information.

2.6 How to travel to Dobrinishte from Sofia

Travel by Car or shuttle is the best way to go to Dobrinishte. This way of journey will give flexibility when you want to travel to Dobrinishte and leave Dobrinishte. Train to Dobrinishte is tiresome, so I will not recommend it.

2.7 How to travel to Sapareva Banya from Sofia

Travel by Car is the best way to go to Sapareva Banya if you can combine your visit with a hike to Seven Rila Lake. Otherwise, you need to take one or two busses from Sofia to Sapareva Banya then a shuttle bus to the Pionerska hut (where you can get a cable chair to the starting point of a seven Rila lakes hike).

The bus to Sapareva Banya departs daily at 14:00 from the “west” bus station  (“Ovcha Kupel”). There is also a bus leaving from the Central bus station to Dupnitsa. From Dupnitsa, the bus to Sapareva Banya leaves every 30 minutes.

If you want to visit some Bulgaria spa resorts near Plovdiv, you can go to Hisarya or Velingrad.

3. Other Bulgaria Spa resort: our future places to visit

I want to visit famous Bulgaria spa resorts such as Devin, Banya, Varshets, and a few along the black sea coast, near Bulgarian beaches.

These particular thermal spas are on my highest list for next time:

Infinity Spa Pancherevo
Address: ul. “Samokovsko Shose” 211, 1137 Pancharevo
Tel. : 088 938 7122
Working hours:  Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 20:00 (closed on Monday)
Price: 50 BGN (25.5 EUR)

Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena in Bansko
Address: Pirin street 96, 2770 Bansko
Tel.: +359 749 88888
Working hours:  The spa complex is open for outside visits daily from 09:00  to 21:00 in summer and upon hotel availability from 09:00 to 15:00 in winter.

Price: 50 BGN (25.5 EUR). I have heard that Kempinski Hotel offers the best spa experience in Bankso.

Arte Spa & Park Hotel in Velingrad
Address: 200 Yundola St., 4600 Velingrad
Tel.: +359 879 066 660, +359 878 679 699
Working hours: 09:00 – 21:00
Price: 50 BGN (25.5 EUR).

I regularly review my Best 7 Series to ensure I share my most current content.

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18 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this list. It’s going to be our first trip to Bulgaria this September and we still do not have an itinerary so this is really helpful. I appreciate that you included the details on how to get there as well. Velingrad Spa seems a good choice to visit. 🙂

    1. Yes, Velingrad Spa is definitely my favorite so far. I have been there four times in a year. Check my in-depth review of Velingrad Spa in another article. Bulgaria is impressive, and Sofia is a perfect base to discover other places in Bulgaria. Check this blog regularly or sign up to get notify for more posts to come. This site is very new, and there are more articles soon.

  2. Very good list of spas here and a useful one as I am going to Bulgaria in two weeks time. Hoping to return to Sofia and Bankso but I am mainly basing myself in Plovdiv (to go on wine tours etc) so hoping there is a spa there as well I can check out. 🙂

    1. You can check Hisarya; it’s not far from Plovdiv (one of the best 7 Bulgaria Spa Resorts) or Velingrad Spa (the town is near Plovdiv). Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria, and check this site regularly for more inspiration for your Bulgaria trip. I will post more articles shortly.

  3. Mineral water spa sounds perfect for a laidback holiday. I had no idea that Bulgaria had so many of them. Velingrad must have been amazing with 7 outdoor ad 6 indoor jacuzzis. The Hisarya sounds exotic surrounded by 3-4th century Roman ruins.

    1. Thank you for reading this post. I found out about Bulgaria as hot springs paradise after we have been in Sofia for a few weeks. Bulgaria also has amazing natures, and Sofia as the capital is a vibrant city. You would love it

  4. Bulgaria is becoming a very popular destination from the UK I must admit but mineral water Spas that’s news to me completely. I see that you managed to visit quite a few of these and cant believe there are more than 200 of these. Interesting to know that the quality in Bulgaria is distinctly superior compared to other countries. Good to know they are easily reachable from Sophia as well. Thanks for sharing a great new destination and the world of mineral spas.

    1. Among people from the UK, Bulgaria is famous for SKI resorts, I think. I noticed that there are a lot of them as tourists and business owners in Borovets ski resorts when I went skiing last week.

  5. Great post!! Bulgaria is becoming a really popular destination among travelers these days. I have been to Bulgaria many times and yet I would jump right away if given the chance. Great to know that. The resort looks absolutely stunning, love to try it.

    1. Thank you. Yes, More and more expats live here as well. Let me know if you have tried one of those recommendations.

  6. I never thought of Bulgaria as a place with a lot of spas, but these all look wonderful. I like the looks of the large pool at the Interhotel Sandanski. The admission fees all seem so reasonable too. It’s helpful that you included directions to all of the spas too.

    1. When I arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria last year, it was very difficult to find information in English for many things. That’s why I start blogging to inform other tourists and expats about Bulgaria. Even on the business website, you can’t always find clear information such as prices, working hours, etc.

  7. Wow, Mineral water spa looks like a great place to spend some relaxing time. It was interesting to know that some mineral spa in Bulgaria was used as Roman Baths! A bath there would perhaps take me back to history. There are a number of hot springs in India as well. Perhaps India can a take a cue from these Bulgarian spas and convert the area around the hot springs into mineral spa. I am sure it will boost tourism. Thanks for sharing this information about Bulgarian spa.

    1. Whenever you have a chance to visit Bulgaria, try one of the Bulgarian Spa resorts on the list. Trust me – You would not be disappointed. The resorts are a perfect combination of modern and old that will take you back to history, with modern facilities to pamper your body and soul. It’s big business nowadays, Also for India. Look how well the industry of Onsen in Japan.

  8. When I visited Georgia and Turkey, I came to know that there are many natural water spots in that area and so there are many in Bulgaria too. But never knew that they have spa resorts too and so I would love to indulge or pamper myself there. I would also love to go for Sophia spa with Korali swimming pool in Pancharevo and Sanatarium Zdrave in Bankya as it is one of the best 7 Bulgaria spa resorts as per you. Good to know that there both thermal pools are located near to Sofia and can be reached within 30 minutes. Thanks for sharing other spa resorts too.

    1. Yes, not many know about this ‘secret’ and there are not so many clear information about how to go to these spa resorts, cost, and facilities. That’s why I want to provide information as complete as possible.

  9. Never knew that there were so many mineral water spa’s in Bulgaria. I absolutely loved Bulgaria, when i visited, back in 2018, because of the plethora of activities Bulgaria has to offer for the nature and outdoor enthusiast. This is really a very well curated list, and i am eagerly looking forward to the time when I visit Bulgaria again, and get to check out some of these for myself too.

    1. Bulgaria is wonderful. When you come back to Bulgaria via Sofia, don’t forget to enjoy some of cocktail bars that I recommend in another post aswell 🙂

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